Mountain Top Equipping Camp May 2021 -- Online

Moses, Aaron and Hur modeled different roles, all involving intercession.

Are you a front-line intercessor? A personal intercessor for those doing that front-line engagement? Does God use you to gather information to inform others’ intercession?

Whatever your role, consider joining us to be equipped for your vital in the work of intercession.

Worship, prayer, teaching, and fellowship will be the context for this intensive equipping retreat. You will receive practical instruction on how to apply strategies and tactics for cooperating with the Holy Spirit, who is defeating the demonic strongholds that are blocking the advancement of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

As led by the Holy Spirit, we may form cohorts and be led into actual prayer engagements.

A Prayer Focus on the united states

The prayer focus will be praying in the next Great Awakening for the United States and praying against the forming spiritual cultural and political strongholds that oppose that awakening in the United States.

Dr. Brad Long believes a spiritual change has taken place within the United States of America following the 2020 US Presidential elections. He will describe the strongholds he sees that are making inroads into American society through social and political means.
How do we understand what is going on? How can we cooperate with the Lord’s plans?

The Lord is getting ready to move through the Holy Spirit to bring, what we believe, a great awakening within our world.

This Mountain Top Equipping Camp will focus on praying for this movement of the Holy Spirit bringing awakening. At the same time, they will be praying to discern, expose, and defeat the demonic strongholds based upon Marxism, magic, and the occult seeking to hinder that awakening.

Who is This Equipping for?

  • Those who have a burden to do something about the evils that we see growing in the United States.
  • Those already called into intercessory prayer and spiritual warfare and want to grow in this work of national intercession
  • Those who are called to be supportive of those intercessors and spiritual warriors who are called to the front lines.
  • Those called to mobilize, equip and deploy intercessory prayer teams to engage in this work.

Date and Time

May 11-14, 2021

Tuesday through Thursday: 10:00 am to 5:00 pm

Friday: 10:00am to 1:00 pm.

Please Note: All times are EASTERN US Times.

Please adjust for your time zone.


  • Attend live in person, no registration fee. Space limited. Please confirm with Martin before making travel arrangements.
  • Attend online, digital manual PDF, $10
  • Attend online, physical manual mailed to you, $20


This event will be online. Your access link will be emailed to you as part of registration and you will receive reminders.

If you sense you are called to come to the Community of the Cross and attend in person, please confirm with the event director, Martin Boardman (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.), before making your travel plans.

Due to COVID restrictions, the number of people allowed on-site at the Community of the Cross is limited.

Masks and social distancing practices will be required at the Community of the Cross in alignment with the current guidelines for the state of North Carolina.


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As some of our multi-day events require materials, prayer coverage, and small group planning, a small online registration fee will help PRMI manage the resources to support the meeting and keep unnecessary registrations from clogging the system.

As is true of all PRMI events and consistent with the Faith Basis, this fee is not the event offering. All of our events are offered on a faith basis. You’ll have the opportunity to advance the work of PRMI through your offering.

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Pray about how to participate long before you arrive.


Rev. Dr. Brad Long

2017 Brad Long thumb
Rev. Dr. Brad Long Executive Director, PRMI In 1988 while a missionary in Taiwan, Dr. Brad Long received a call “to an international ministry of renewal, advancing the gospel of Jesus Christ worldwide.” Since that time, he has been called to a number of nations where his role has been primarily equipping pastors and lay people in the gifts and power of the Holy Spirit. Rev. Brad Long was called as Executive Director of PRMI in 1990. 

Rev. Doug McMurry

Douglas McMurry
Rev. Doug McMurry has been a Presbyterian pastor since 1982. Baptized in the Holy Spirit in 1972, he remembers well the Presbyterian Charismatic Communion that gave birth to PRMI in the 1980’s.  He remembers, too, the first few years of Brad Long’s tenure as Executive Director beginning in 1990 when Brad and Doug initiated work on The Dunamis Project.   

Rev. Martin Boardman

Martin Boardman 300x300
Rev. Martin Boardman is an ordained minister of Word and Sacrament in the Christian Reformed Church and pastored in Southern Alberta before the Lord opened the door to become Dunamis Fellowship Canada’s Prayer Mobilizer working closely with PRMI in January 2017. 

Dunamis answered the questions that he had about the Holy Spirit. It explained some of his life experiences in a systematic and Biblical way and opened the door to drawing closer in intimacy with the Lord.  He is still putting in to practice some of the suggestions which were shared during that time. 

As a result of his involvement in those Dunamis Weekends Martin became more involved with the work of PRMI and was a part of the founding board for Dunamis Fellowship Canada. 


Event Properties

Event Date 05-11-2021 10:00 am
Event End Date 05-14-2021 1:00 pm
Available place 42
Cut off date 05-13-2021
Location Online via Internet

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