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Empowered Christian Family Camp #3 2020

Empowered Christian Family Camp #3 2020

In our 3rd annual Empowered Families Christian Camp you will explore what it means to be a family that PRAYS together.

You’ll be receiving the Dunamis Project #3 material on The Power of Prayer made accessible for families.

Most of us believe that growing in real, reality-shaping prayer, would be great for our families. We may even love the idea of it!

However, creating space to learn, practice and grow in prayer TOGETHER feels almost impossible.

Come join us in creating that space for each of our families to grow in understanding and experiencing Holy Spirit-led prayer.

Come To Family Dunamis

What makes Empowered Families a Unique Experience?

Empowered Families is a different type of ministry camp experience.

  1. Every-Age: This is a space where EVERY AGE is equipped to grow as disciples of Jesus Christ, whether in the nursery, elementary, middle & high school ages along with adults. Each group will get similar content so that your family can connect over the same concepts.
  2. Families Grow Together: You’ll see that the heart of this experience is to see families, not just individuals, equipped in the power and gifts of the Spirit of God. You can learn to grow, trust, experience and witness to Jesus Christ as Lord TOGETHER. Whether it is in teaching, in worship, or in just having fun, you’ll get to do this as a family.
  3. Families Be Together: You’ll have intentional free time for your family to slow down and BE TOGETHER. The camp atmosphere of this conference is aimed at that very thing: slow us down, help us to listen, and assist in being together and loving one another.
    Empowered Christian Families Camp is a six-year series of camp-style conferences aimed at equipping your family to follow Jesus Christ through the person and work of the Holy Spirit.


Empowered Christian Families Camp is a six-year series of camp-style conferences aimed at equipping your family to follow Jesus Christ through the person and work of the Holy Spirit.

You’ll see God’s gifts for each person in a family, from toddlers through grandparents, coming alive and drawing you more and more into the life-changing reality of following Jesus.

You’ll also have time set apart for families to spend together or receive prayer ministry.

The atmosphere will be very “camp-like” to accommodate the multiple needs of families. You’ll eat together, play together and have times of rest. You will be both spiritually nourished and have lots of fun for the whole family.

The atmosphere will be very “camp-like” to accommodate the multiple needs of families. We’ll eat together, play together and have times of rest. The goal is that this conference will be both spiritually nourishing and fun for the whole family.

Theme for 2020: The Power of Prayer

Have you ever wanted to be more effective in your prayer life?

Do you think God only answers the prayers of “prayer warriors?”

In “The Power of Prayer” we look at how any Christian can pray with vision and power. Sessions move between focusing on growing in intimacy with Jesus Christ through prayer and participating with God in shaping the future through intercessory prayer.

Comments from recent participants:

  • “I feel the Lord used this time to call me into deeper relationship with Him & new work for the Kingdom.”
  • “Renewed my hope to be persistent in prayer”
  • “Thanks for the reminder of our empowerment as believers to intercede for God’s work in the world. I am encouraged to pray for the struggles of my friends and family.”

We cover topics like:

  • The Life of Prayer: Nurturing Intimacy with God
  • Intercessory Prayer
  • Vision and Prayer: Sharing in the Advancement of the Kingdom of God
  • Practical Instructions for Nurturing Prayer

Whether you think you are simply “not good” at prayer, want to go deeper in your walk with God through prayer, or want to grow in your understanding of intercessory prayer, this conference will give you Biblical foundations and practical instruction to help you grow in both personal and corporate prayer, led by the Holy Spirit.

What is The Dunamis Project?

Empowered Families is based on the Dunamis Project. The Dunamis Project is the central training of PRMI to help you cooperate with the Holy Spirit in whatever ministry you may have, in whatever part of the world you may live. The Dunamis Project is a series of six conferences (four or five days each) over three years where you will discover and learn how to use your spiritual gifts in whatever ministry you have.

With The Dunamis Project, you discover:

  • Solid biblical teaching about the person and work of the Holy Spirit in the life of the believer.
  • Teaching forged from the Scriptures, proven in ministry, and informed by 200 years of renewal and revival movements.
  • Spiritual gifts and how to use them effectively in the Kingdom of God.
  • How to recognize God’s guidance for ministry in a given moment through the experience-based lab times and review debriefings.

Children’s Ministry

A question that you and other Christian parents often have for their kids is: “How do I help my child to have a real faith?”

You want more than good behavior, more than simple knowledge…You want your children to have a genuine relationship with Jesus Christ. Can this happen?

Yes! Because just like adults, children are given the gift of the Holy Spirit in His fullness and power.

The Holy Spirit is just as much a “Helper” for kids as he is for adults.

One of our main goals for Empowered Christian Families is to give your family a variety of creative tools and practices to help you walk together with Jesus in a genuine relationship, learning how to listen and cooperate with the prompts of the Holy Spirit.

You’ll do this through some focused time of teaching for your kids in a fun and creative atmosphere. Also, we’ll be giving you tools throughout the week that you can take home and make as a part of your daily and weekly practices of following Jesus together.

Our hope is that your child will have a better understanding and confidence in their own ability to pray and listen to the voice of the Lord in their lives.

Family Dunamis 1

Date and Time

July 8-11, 2020

A pre-registration check-in and dinner will be available starting at 5:30 pm on July 7.

Checkin will begin from 8 am - 10 am on July 8.  The 1st session begins at 10 am, July 8.

The event ends with lunch and cleanup, finishing about 3:30 pm on July 11, 2019.


PRMI's Community of the Cross
3227 North Fork Left Fork Road
Black Mountain, NC 28711 


Lodging Options

You are expected to make your own reservations.

We would recommend that you do this well in advance because things do fill up over the summer.

Please call the office if you need suggestions or check out this list of hotels, campgrounds, and home rentals in the area.

We trust the Lord through offerings to help us cover both the costs of resources, food and childcare along with supporting the vision of PRMI to equip people to cooperate with the Holy Spirit to the glory of Jesus Christ.


There is no registration fee. During your event, you’ll be invited to share in the vision of PRMI and give an offering towards the ministry to advance our mission of equipping people to cooperate with the Holy Spirit.

As a guideline, the average cost for resources, food and childcare alone averages out to be about $50 per adult or child. That said, some are able to give less and some more, so pray about how to participate in the offering long before you arrive.


Coming Soon.

Event Properties

Event Date 07-08-2020 8:00 am
Event End Date 07-11-2020 3:30 pm
Location Community of the Cross

Location Map

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